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We believe that board games have the power to bring people together. Playing games like our smash cooperative hit Castle Panic sparks creativity, encourages strategic thinking, and inspires the imagination.

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Latest News

Top 5 Ways you May be Playing Dead Panic Wrong

5-ways-dead-panicFind Dead Panic too hard? Too easy? Check out our list of the top 5 common mistakes made by new players of the game. Hint: Dead Panic is NOT just Castle Panic with Zombies. It has layers and new twists! Be sure you experience them all with this helpful checkup.


Dead Panic: Characters & The Van

dead-panic-game-characters-fireside-gamesLearn more about Characters and their special abilities, and The Van in Dead Panic and how these components affect gameplay.


Dead Panic How to Play Videos Now Available!

Dead Panic cover imageNeed a little help getting up and running with Dead Panic? We've got you covered! The first of our How to Play videos for Dead Panic are now available. In the first installments we cover the General Overview of Gameplay, Zombie Movement, and Fighting Zombies.


BoingBoing article puts Castle Panic on list of “Best Ever Cooperative Boardgames”

unbored-games-coverA recent article on BoingBoing shows Castle Panic on a list of the Best Cooperative Boardgames as curated by Elizabeth Joy Larsen and Joshua Glenn in a new book: "Unbored Games: Serious Fun for Everyone"!