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Latest News

Fireside Games Day at Emerald Tavern! - 7/23/14

Sunday, July 27, Emerald Tavern in Austin, TX is hosting Fireside Games Day. Come play games with Anne-Marie and Justin and get a sneak peek at Munchkin Panic!


Castle Panic Celebrates 5 Years in September - 7/21/14

Get the scoop on the big birthday we're planning for Castle Panic. There are lots of things in the works, and new downloads have been added to the birthday page!


How to Host an At-Home Castle Panic Birthday Party - 7/21/14

Can't make it to our event or find a local game store near you? No problem! Throw your own party - here's how!


Friday Fun Fact - Monster Movement Made Easy -7/11/14

Ever have trouble sorting out "Move Monsters Clockwise" and "Move Monsters Counterclockwise"? Justin explains the easy way to remember which direction to move the Monsters. Hint: The secret is built in to the Tokens!


Player vs. Player in Dead Panic -6/06/14

The Nerd's Table offers a fun recap of their experience playing Dead Panic at T.A.B.L.E. with a player who had an interesting strategy.