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Latest News

Something Wicked Tour for The Village Crone

something-wicked-tour-mapWe're bringing the magic to you this Fall! Anne-Marie & Justin are heading out to New England for the Something Wicked promotional tour for The Village Crone full of demos, promos, and more!


Getting Familiar with The Village Crone

getting-familiar-featured-imageBeasts that Crawl, Fly, Slither, & Stalk. What witch could succeed without the assistance of her Familiar breed? In The Village Crone, command your Familiars to assist you in the completion of your Witch's Schemes.


Which Witch is Which? Look Inside the Book of Spells

spell-book-thumbnailWhat secrets hide inside your Book of Spells? Take a closer look with our latest article.


DragonCon, Here We Come!

dragoncon-logoIt feels like it was just last week we were at GenCon. No rest for the wicked, eh? We're heading to Atlanta next week for DragonCon! Will we see you there?