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Fireside Games was formed with the idea of bringing the fun and excitement of a modern, high-quality board game to everyone. Childhood memories of playing the classic games may be fond, but the world of games has changed dramatically since then. Now, Fireside Games offers new ways to reintroduce you to an old friend that has grown up too.


Why choose Fireside Games?

We’re dedicated to creating fun, innovative, accessible board games that everyone can enjoy. But what does that mean?

Fun: Our games will keep you engaged, maybe even on the edge of your seat. You won’t have to endure long waits until it’s your turn again.

Innovative: Our games aren’t copies of existing games or old games with new names on them. All our games are original and created to have a unique feel to them, something distinctive and memorable. Whether it’s how the game works, a new kind of game piece, or how you feel when the game ends, our games will stay with you and bring you back for more.

Accessible: Our games don’t require you to have a PhD to be able to understand the rules. We know you want to start playing as soon as possible so we make our games clear and easy to learn. More than that, our games have broad appeal. While the theme of some games may appeal to you more than others, they are all made to be inviting and engaging.

So the next time you’re having friends over, planning a family get-together, or just looking for a fun way to pass some time, we hope you’ll consider one of our products.

We’ve always got new games in the works, so we invite you to visit us often, and to bring fun home.


The importance of play

Play is an essential part of human nature at any time of life. It strengthens the bonds between us, relaxes or excites us, stimulates our imaginations, and helps keep us sane. Adults need play as much as children do, but it can be hard to find the time for it. That’s why our games are built to provide fun, easy-to-learn entertainment that won’t take all night to play.

The interactivity of board games

As much as we love electronic games, the kind of interaction people have when they play games apart from each other is very different. Quite simply, we believe in the power of bringing people together. Something remarkable happens when friends and family gather face to face around the table to share the same experience. Laughter, excitement, making new friends, and creating new memories are the things we love about playing games, and we want everyone to be able to share in that.

The value of board games

Choosing how to spend your money on entertainment is always important. Our games are an excellent value, and we’re proud of the amount of fun we can pack into each box. For less than what it can cost to take the family to the movies for a couple of hours, you can bring home a game that will provide years of enjoyment. It begins with the excitement of playing a new game for the first time. Later, it’s seeing a new player’s eyes light up when you teach it to them. It’s the pride of replaying an old favorite and realizing you’re an “expert” now.

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