Bears! is a fast-playing, competitive game in which you score points by pairing dice. Shoot bears and run from tents for a few points, or take a risk and score big by sleeping through the attack! But watch out! If Bears are left at the end of the round, your sleeping campers are done for!

Game Info

Designed by: Anne-Marie De Witt

  • Number of Players for Bears Icon and text 2 to 4Number of Players: 2-4
  • Player Ages Icon for Bears and Text 7 plusPlayer Ages: 7 and up
  • Time to Play Bears icon and text 20 minutesTime to Play: 20 minutes

Game Includes

  • Rule book
  • 20 black player dice
  • 20 white camp dice
  • 4 Scoring Reminder cards
  • Box doubles as a dice cup
Bears! Dice Game Components

About the Game

  • White dice will roll to show either a tent or a bear

    The white camp dice tell you how many bears have invaded the campsite.

  • Black dice will show guns, runners, or sleepers

    The black player dice tell you how you can respond to the camp dice.

  • Different pairs vay in the points received at the end of the round

    The scoring cards act as reminders for the acceptable pairs.

  • Use the game box as a dice cup to corral the camp dice for easy rolling

    The box doubles as a dice cup to get truly random rolls.

How to Play

Download the RULES.

Download the Small score sheet
(6 sheets/page, 4 players, fits in Bears! box)

Download the Large score sheet
(4 sheets/page, 8 players)


Awards & Accolades


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Myriad Games Session Impressions Podcast unanimously voted Bears! as the "Most Fun" in a 3 game comparison! recommends Bears! saying, "It’s fast and easy to play, but not mindless."

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