Cover art in 3D box for Fireside Games Bloodsuckers Card Based Game

Bloodsuckers is a highly competitive, card-driven, combat game that pits Vampires against Hunters in a brutal turf war for the town of Blackwood. Choose a side, and fight to the death to control the most locations within Blackwood. Unleash powerful card combos to attack your opponent, but beware, as your strength rises and falls with the time of day. Battle alone or alongside a teammate to recruit the innocent bystanders at each location to join you in your quest for dominance. Win the battles and claim the most locations to declare victory in the fight between the living and the undead!

Game Info

Designed by: Justin De Witt and Anne-Marie De Witt

  •  Number of Players: 2-4
  •  Player Ages: 13 and up
  •  Time to Play: 1-2 hours

Game Includes

  • Game board
  • Rule book
  • Guide mat
  • 51 Hunter Combat Cards
  • 51 Vampire Combat Cards
  • 32 Character Cards
  • 4 "On Your Turn" Cards
  • 20 Action Tokens
  • 10 Hunter Attack Counters
  • 10 Vampire Attack Counters
  • 6 Blood Tokens
  • 6 Adrenaline Tokens
  • 1 Die
Game Name Components

About the Game

  • Standing game board shows the town locations and who controls them as well as what time of day it is for ability strength tracking

    The board tracks the time of day and the location in play. Each location features a rotatable dial indicating its current status. The clock dial in the bottom middle is used to track the time of day, as well as player turns.

  • Hunters and Vampires each have their own combat card decks with different attack types

    The Vampire and Hunter decks contain powerful attacks and ability combinations. Attack, Impact, Strike and Dodge cards are just some of the tools players will use.

  • Character cards in Bloodsuckers feature a 3 side display for when a character is a bystander, a vampire, or a hunter

    The unique "3-sided" card design uses the back of the card to track the progress of the battle while the front shows characters as either Hunter or Vampire.

  • Adrenaline and blood tokens, attack counters, and action tokens for Bloodsuckers

    Action tokens, attack counters, blood tokens, and adrenaline tokens help you keep track of your progress in battle.

How to Play

Download a copy of the RULES (2.17 MB)

Watch our How To Play video -->


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Matthew McCale on BGG says, "Over all [sic] I am very happy with this game and I don’t see that changing anytime soon."

The Gaming Gang gives Bloodsuckers 8.25/10

Cracked LCD calls Bloodsuckers "highly approachable and easy to play."

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