Stop Hitting Your Brother

No, we’re not giving advice, we’re talking about games! The parenting blog “Stop Hitting Your Brother” has just posted a review of Castle Panic. This time, in addition to the usual review bits and pieces, they have a very interesting take on playing the game in the Master Slayer mode with two normally competitive siblings. The cooperative/competitive mix appeals to some players more than others and we thought this was a clever way to get everyone in the right mindset:

“I noted to Gus that this was the same as in Lord of the Rings, where Gimli and Legolas work together to defeat the armies of Sauron, but keep score on how many creatures they take down.  My little elf was immediately hooked.”

You can read the entire review here.

Do you have a typical way of explaining the Master Slayer rule? We’d love to hear your stories. So if you’ve got a special way of convincing players who usually fight against each other to work together, let us know in the comments.

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