The Wizards Tower Expansion for Castle Panic 3D Game Box

The Wizard's Tower is an expansion to the board game Castle Panic. It is not a stand-alone game and requires Castle Panic to play.

Your Castle has been rebuilt, and a friendly Wizard has joined your forces. As long as his Tower stands, you have access to powerful magic spells. And you'll need them, because the Monsters have returned stronger, faster, smarter, and with new abilities to threaten the Castle. You'll fight against magical Imps, evasive flying creatures, and more. Make your stand against six new, dangerous Mega Boss Monsters, including the Dragon and the Necromancer. Use fire to attack the Monsters, but beware, your Walls and Towers can be burned down as well!

Game Info

Designed by: Justin De Witt

  • Number of Players for Wizards Tower logo and 1 to 6 textNumber of Players: 1-6
  • Player ages recommended for Wizards Tower logo and text 12+Player Ages: 12 and up
  • Time to play icon for Wizards Tower and text 90 minutesTime to Play: 90 minutes

Game Includes

  • Rule book
  • 10 Castle cards
  • 22 Wizard cards
  • 43 Monster tokens
  • 6 Mega Boss tkens
  • 12 Flame tokens
  • 1 Wizard Tower
  • 1 plastic stand
  • 10 Vampire Attack Counters
  • 1 Monster Draw Bag
  • 6 reference cards
Wizards Tower Expansion to Castle Panic Components included in box

About the Game

  • The Wizard Tower replaces one of the original Castle Panic towers in this expansion

    The Wizard's Tower replaces one of the standard towers in the Castle ring.

  • Wizard Deck cards add magic to the game

    The Wizard's Deck contains magical spells to attack Monsters, defend and repair the Castle, and more.

  • New monster tokens up the panic and difficulty with new strength, movement and immunity

    New Monsters with new abilities, more health, different movement rules, and more join the fight.

  • New Boss Monsters are called by harbinger tokens and then placed on the board

    At the start of the game, three Mega Boss Monsters are chosen randomly to provide an all-new challenge each time you play.

  • Fire damage is added to the game and flame tokens indicate what is on fire whether it is a monster or your Castle

    Flame tokens indicate when something is burning. Fire causes damage to Monsters and your Castle alike.

  • New Castle cards are added to the deck for extra defense

    New Castle cards are added to the deck to help your defenses.

  • Monster token draw bag included in The Wizard's Tower expansion

    A themed Monster draw bag is included with this expansion.

How to Play

Please note: The Wizard's Tower requires the base game Castle Panic to play.

Download the RULES.

Got questions? Read the FAQ and download the PDF.

Compatible with The Dark Titan expansion!


For more video tutorials on Fire, Wizard Cards, Mega-Boss Monsters, etc. check out our comprehensive How To Playlist for The Wizard's Tower

Awards & Accolades


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Geek Dad calls The Wizard's Tower a "[f]antastic extension of a great idea."

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