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Latest News

Birthday Party Extravaganza- 9/15/14

Castle Panic's Birthday Celebration last Saturday was a blast. Get all the details, plus see Justin sing, learn about The Dark Titan, and share in some funny stories about games and life.


5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Castle Panic's Birthday - 9/11/14

Want to join in on the Castle Panic Birthday Celebration this Saturday, September 13, but aren't sure how? Here are 5 easy ways to participate in the fun!


Update to the Kickstarter Situation - 9/10/14

After a review with our intellectual property attorney, we have determined that despite the graphical similarities, the game promoted on Kickstarter by Queen Games is a “reasonable adaptation” of both Castle Panic and Dead Panic. Although Queen Games has known about Fireside Games for some time (at one point briefly discussing the possibility of licensing Castle Panic for foreign distribution), no formal connection exists between our companies. It is our hope that any subsequent printings of their game will include changes to help differentiate their product from ours in the marketplace and that consumers will understand that their game is not part of the Panic line we have worked so hard to create. We thank you all for your support and look forward to gaming with you at the next opportunity.

Nerdy Raptor Talks Munchkin Panic - 8/28/14

Spencer from Nerdy Raptor talks with Anne-Marie & Justin about all the buddy-stabbing goodness that’s coming in October.